Treasure Stage Package

A lot of people being asking, What is Treasure Package and what is Treasure Stage? 
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Treasure Package came in 3 type :-

Gold Treasure Package = 8000cc

Silver Treasure Package = 5000cc

Bronze Treasure Package = 1000cc

What is inside those Treasure Package?


This key is to open the Ancestor Treasure box located inside the Door of Memory, Door of Memory located inside of the Garden of Time and Space (lv.60)

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This is the stage selection inside the Door of Memory :-

Hall of Cold Memories , Maze of Gray Regrets and Marching Route Of Despair

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i chose Marching Route of Despair for my first time run, at the end of the stage there is 2 box, first one is the normal Bunny Box and the another one a box with the ribbon is the Ancestor Box, this is where your Ancestor Key goes, either Gold/Silver/Bronze need to be selected to open the ancestor box.The boss of the stage will drop crafting material for Level 60 equipment.

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and the loot of the Gold Key Ancestor Box is :-

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And for the Normal Bunny box is :-

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DNSEA 2nd Anniversary Detail


  • Dark Lair – Hatred Pirandello 3rd Floor
  • Dark Lair – Infinite Pormido
  • Treasure Stage

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Cash Shop

  • Latest Summer Bikini Costume


  • Treasure Stage Packages


  • DNSEA 2nd Anniversary Sale: Enjoy up to 50% Discount for a variety of items!



  • Increase Discount Coupon Missions requirement for new characters to Lv. 24 to prevent abuse
  • Added 8 set Accessories set bonus to following items:
    • Robo Booster Wing
    • Green Magnificent Wing
    • Shining Star Decal

Cash Shop

Altea’s Gacha-Box Update:

  • Elegant White Wings (Rare Grade)
  • Rare Weapon Exchange Coupon; exchange will be done via Cash Shop Sales Tab.
  • Blue Light Spirit



Abusing Jelly Discount Coupon (Updated)

Based on the previous post “700Mark Discount Coupun

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Newborn character (level 1 and 0% exp)

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Achievement detail in general tab

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Achievement achieved

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Gift gained

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Detail of the gift which is the coupon itself

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Sales list > Mission Discount Item > Item Protection Magic Jelly

Price : 25piece/180cc

Firstly lets take a look requirement Item Protection Magic Jelly Discount Coupon and the Server storage.

Item Protection Magic Jelly Discount Coupon

Condition : Achieved when you fail +7 any Equipment

Server Storage Requirement : Level 10 and above

This achievement can be achieve in any level so that mean newborn character are also able to get coupon, which mean that just enchant any item and fail to go +7 then you got your discount coupon. however, in order for you to transfer you desired bind equipment that you want to enchant, you need to level up your character to level 10 to gain the server storage access and have your 2 time enchantment with the protection jelly (enchanting equipment from +7 till +10 use only 11 protection jelly each enchantment and +10 onward will use 12 protection jelly each enchantment), you need to spend roughly around 30 minute leveling up your character to level 10 to unlock the server storage, and the result :-

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you decide either it worth it or not ^ ^

UPDATE :- Cherry Credit has changed the requirement for the level requirement for Discount Coupon from level 1 to level 24, so instead of creating level 10 to get the  server storage access, now you have to level up to level 24 to gain access of the Discount Coupon Archivement


700Mark Discount Coupun

discount 3discount detailIts seem that not many people realize that Cherry Credit is giving a super discount up to 90% of the original price to certain cash item when you complete new achievement that been add on 700mark patching last Tuesday which is 16 July 2013, you can look at those achievement by press L button (for default keyboard layout) and its located at the General tab or you might as well see the picture on the top of this entry.

This is the condition that you need to accomplish to gain those discount coupon :-

1) Emergency MP Recovery Potion Discount Coupon

Condition : Achieved when MP fall below 10% during any dungeon or nest

2) Emergency HP Recovery Potion Discount Coupon.

Condition : Achieved when HP fall below 10% during any dungeon or nest

3) Resurrection Discount Coupon

Condition : Achieved when you run out both red and blue Resurrection Scroll.

4) Item Protection Magic Jelly Discount Coupon

Condition : Achieved when you fail +7 any Equipment.

Horn Of Life Discount cash shop

5) Horn Of Life Discount Coupon

Condition : Achieved when you pet expired

6) Highly Concentrated Elixir Package Discount Coupon

Condition : Achieved when clear any dungeon more than 1 hour


Dragon Nest Equipment Simulator

DNSimulatorExample picture of how the simulator works

Link : http://04zone.com/dnsea

Source : https://www.facebook.com/dnsimulator

Requirement : Microsoft Silverlight (Provided to download in the link)

It a awesome simulator that simulate the Dragon Nest equipment system and calculate the stats of the equipment equipped, example like you plan to build a full set Dangerous Desire’s Set +10 with cash item, plates and accessory on your Gladiator, you want to know how much patk and crit will you get with this plate and that potential, this simulator will simulate and calculate and show  information that you wanted.


Spirit Dancer Pure PVE Lvl 60 Build by DancerBasi


This build i modified from Shekina’s pve spirit dancer build

Source : http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/217/20130319/Shekinas_PVE_Spirit_Dancers_guide_Updated_246-5148b4ff7f1d2ba13-1.html
1. Kali tree:
Spirit Blow lvl11
lvl11 is recommended because of the damage growth.
A good skill to break Super Armor and the damage consider quite decent and you need 45 SP in this tree to learn ulti anyway other skill don’t seems better worth to spend SP on it

Phantom Guard lvl5

an awesome skill that reduce 10% damage taken by exchange 50% of the damage taken to mp deduction

rest of the kali’s tree is self explainary

Shekina’s tips :-
Return kick or watever you call it in english, the 1 the kick monster in sky with stun, pls do not learn it, my experience with it is if i ever want to right click to triger breezecall or illusion gaze at times if i got a stunned monster it will trigger return kick instead of the suppose breezecall/gaze

2. Dancer tree:
Lets just focus in to my selection of skills that i lvl6/11/max
Elegance Storm Lvl 10

This is a good DPS and crowd control skill that can deal up total damage up to 1m when full hit, it also have quite good range of AOE that easily clear up the mob around you.

Illusion Dance Lvl10
This is what makes of the dancer different from other class, Self buff that add additional damage to the Spirit Skill tree, additional damage reduction and a mini heal
Max It Skill accessories highly recommended for this
**Additional Note: the FD calculation is not addon to FD value, it is increase in skill description I.E if the skill has 100%+100 damage, casting 50% illusion dance /breezecall dance will change the skill to 150%+150 damage
Stalker Lvl1
damage growth is not worth the sp into it
Dusk Hunter Lvl1
damage growth is not worth the sp into it
Ambolisher Lvl1
damage growth is not worth the sp into it
**i chose the non EX route as i find its damage real pathetic, but mind you if you skip stalker EX you can’t learn dusk hunter EX, but you can learn Ambolisher EX, please pick that up although not much for damage but for filler
General Dunn lvl10
Awesome dps skill, 1 of your must spam skill but use with caution as you need control the direction to effectively deal the full damage, +1 accessories is recommended
Dancing Part 1 lvl4
Get this to max, its your backup healing (right click)
your DPS buff in Darklair, unless ur team is dealing more then 10k damage if not left click right away for additional damage per hit
Dancing Part 2 lvl3
This is the skill that makes dancer the great burst damage buff, deals additional damage for every % HP monster is lost, like FA for gladiator but this is a team buff so everyone gets the effect
Left click after 1.5s to activate
**After much research, i think the developer need rewrite the description to avoid furthur misunderstanding of this awesome debuff, the actual debuff at highest potential is at 30%hp of monster, but the damage increase is not cap @ increased 70%.
It is instead 70×1.25% if you got technique accessories equipted which gives the maximum potential @ 87.5% instead of the misunderstand 70% increase damage.
Dancing Part 3
I don’t know whether this skill is useful or not, as there is not much chance to utilize this skill, so i decided to not worth spend sp on this skill.

Mist Step lvl 7

This is a great skill that enable you to go to your destination as fast as possible and a great skill to run away from you enemy if in case you been chased like Typhoon Kim Boss and wait your skill to CD or do some dance in the distant. as the lvl go up, the cd goes down, that the main reason why i max it up, for high survivability and mobilities
Refreshing Screw Lvl 10
This is awesome damage filler skill and power escape skill all in 1, in my case, i don’t have enough SP to max this up, so i left it at 10 and max Ulti
Breeze Call Dance Lvl6
Lvl 6 for 50% increament, i basically use refreshing screw and elegance dance for filler skill for continous dps and save this dance for inner fire
Irwinia Storm lvl 2
Some prefer Inner Fire as they have faster casting time compare to Irwinia Storm, so between these 2, i chose this as my ulti and max it instead of take Inner Fire to max the dps output and invincibility work charm for me, you won’t get hit when you casting Irwania Storm unlike Inner Fire

3. Spirit Dancer tree:
Wide Stinger Lvl6
Filler skill to maximised the damage growth
Preator Lvl 4
this is obvious max, its 1 of your main dps skill, things to note for this skill is it only deal damage on monster of same lvl, which mean if you see a slope try to align with them before casting, and prior to cast do not use skill that will hit mobs into sky they will not recieve full damage or even miss it totally

Always rem there is the secondary skill to activate with right click for either blade dancer tree or spirit dancer tree, with blade’s skill with a suction effect, Spirit’s with a short para effect.
So basically when i see a bunch of monster, i will mist step into centre of them and use elegance dance, when last hit out i will right click to suck them in, chain illusion dance right click then sufi dancer, rest is up to cd of skill and situation。
My point here is make use of the right click effect to chain to other skill, dancer can have countless combo chaining similar to acros, possibility is up to ownself

Skill Plate Recommendation
Preator 20% damage
General Dawn blade 20% damage
Sufi Dancer 20% damage
Illusion 12% CD

The choice of skill plate is ur most frequent use skill and highest dps skill, illusion dance for spamming
Latest skill plate changes
Preator -12% CD
General Dawn Blade +20% damage
Sufi Dancer +20% damage
Refreshing Screw +20% damage